Within the background noise of a fifty-year-old dataset, the ethereal shadow of a gravitational anomaly lay hidden. Following this thread of investigation, Project Whirlwind would discover a façade illusion, masking the colossal mass of an alien craft. Having made landfall on Earth, dark and dangerous elements buried deep in this alien history would struggle to regain the light. Stranger still is that Sara Burton is more intimately familiar with this enemy than she is prepared to realize. An ancient time meddling artificial intelligence has returned from her past or is it she who has returned? Will Sara succeed where she had once failed in defeating this enemy?

  Thanks for stopping by my writer's homepage. It will be here that I will be regularly posting my blog, and also where you can find out all the latest news and updates. I welcome any of your kind words and or constructive criticisms. Please reach out to me on my social media links or email.

I am a writer and artist. A 1991 graduate of Temple University with a BFA, I have lived in or near Philadelphia for most of my adult life. I love words and images. I read every day, and I am inspired by it. Writing Science fiction for many years, I love everything involved in the writing process, from imagining the story, and characters, constructing the narrative to editing and reediting.

The purpose of this web site is to help increase visibility, interest, and readership of my writing. These works are important to me. However, in this highly competitive publishing market, it has become increasingly challenging to find agents and publishers willing to take chances.  Despite these challenges, I am currently seeking representation for my recently completed Science Fiction novel series The Swan and the Whirlwind.   The first of these The Swan and the Whirlwind, Gateway in the Sky is 107,000 words. The second title at 105,000 words is The Swan and the Whirlwind, Project Whirlwind.  



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